Batch Switch ON and OFF stopped working


Does anyone have an idea what I could do to fix that the functions mentioned in the title stopped working?

I have 12 tasks. When I want to enable or disable all of them then I use the Batch Edit button. But nothing happens. When I then go on and enable the tasks one by one, suddenly the batch kicks in and does the rest. But it never starts on it’s own anymore.

Any idea?

Thank you!

Hello @Matter - can double check that the batch edit applied the changes by vising Please note that batch edit requires one to be signed in their account.

Hi @ajitk,

That fixed it. I logged in on this URL. Afterwards it did the changes when asked to.

Strange though that the extension page was showing me logged in and giving the option to log out.

But seems I was not logged in.

Thanks in any case!

Got it, thanks for the update!

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