Avoid letting the tab fetch lazy-loading content below the fold

I am trying out your service to check product listings using a very simple task: Has the number of products increased? If so, I get notified on my device and will check it then. In general that works fine.

Problem is: The website has a lazy loading part way below the fold that seems(?) to be loaded too, which seems(?) to be the reason why the process takes longer than needed and halts the next run. With the minimum query frequency of 5-6 seconds I get 5 checks a minute, which should be more in theory.
Is there a way to tell the machine to not load this content? I tried disabling javascript in the task options but the loading time still is about 3 times slower than when I load the page myself…

…and: Thanks for your service! I helps a lot by saving time and nerve.

Thanks for reaching out @stiller_distiller and sharing the feedback!

I tried disabling javascript in the task options.

Did you set dynamic to false in config?

Thanks for the reply.
As I put it, I already did deactivate javascript.
Distill’s … er… still fetches - relatively speaking - super slow at least compared to the manual process and visual evaluation of the watched content that’s visualised way above the fold btw. Although I sit next to a true powerhouse of a PC with a vastly underwhelmed network connection on a ping of ~41ms to the destination. The manual fetching is FAR less than one second.
Additionally the monitors are way behind the schedule of 5-7 seconds. Distill accompIishes 6 runs a minute at most. I am just not competitive with this… but I want to be!

To be precise the html is loaded after ~400ms, containing the watched selector almost on top.
Distill on the other hand takes several seconds to fetch, then additional seconds to compute and alert.

How would or could I speed up the computing and notification processes, given that’s the problem here? Or what would be the problem in my case?

Thanks for any inspiration!

Static checks are usually pretty fast. If you are running many monitors at low interval, distributing checks across different devices[1] can help parallelize the checks.

[1] https://distill.io/docs/web-monitor/cloud-local-monitors/