Audio notification stopped working

I am using the desktop app on Windows 11 (x64 3.9.4 beta) and it worked fine - until yesterday. I did not change anything significant (I think) but my running monitor will not ring the bell anymore.

It detects the condition though. I checked this with adding “Open page in tab” and it does that. But no audio.

Of course I have checked that my speaker is on (c’mon!). And used the play button in the settings (clear loud sound when testing).

Thanks for any advice!

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@timstonne is there any condition preventing the alerts? Check the following article out

Thank you for the advice. No, as I said: other alert works (open browser page). So it can’t be a condition preventing.

btw: I now tried the e-mail, but I do not get that either. Don’t know if that is the same problem, but the audio notifcation worked fine - until two days ago

Not sure @timstonne. Any ideas @jayakrishnan?

update: works again.

I removed the desktop app from my system and re-started the .exe
It would have my monitor still in there and say there is an update that would be deployed when restarted.
I did so and now, what can I say, the bell rings again!
Don’t know why but am satisified :slight_smile: