Android App - few questions

I downloaded the Distil app onto my Android phone and activated push notifications in the settings.

  1. I also clicked on the subscribe button to get unlimited push notifications but it opens to a new tab with an error message ‘cannot GET / settings/billing’ - the web address is ‘’ (logged into account on web browser)
  2. How many push notifications will I get without the subscription?
  3. How much is it? I cannot find a price for it on the pricing page or any more information about it.
    many thanks!
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Thaks for the reporting the issue with broken link in the Android App. We will fix this. The correct link should be: Distill | Login

Push notifications are only available in paid plans.

Unlimited push notifications are available in all paid plans, which is Starter plan and above.

I have subscribed to the starter plan. Thank you very much.

Some feedback that I am hoping you can fix:

  • How do I apply DELETED and SNIPPED to smartphone view as well. I don’t see any settings for it on the phone app. At the moment I have to scroll through the whole page to see the changes. Being able to only see the changes would be very helpful.
  • Also the view is set automatically to text. I have to manually change it to HTML each time I click on that page. How can I keep it on HTML view?

I have more queries and feedback:

  • Do you have tutorial videos for using the phone app - I don’t know what to expect and know if it is working correctly or not.
  • Do I need to run the app in the background or is it automatically doing so on its own? If yes, how does one do that?
  • the push notification automatically deactivates if I clear the active apps. I have to manually activate each time
  • I did not get a push notification when there was a change. I got the alert on PC but not on my phone. How can I get it to stay activated. Must I keep the app open in the background to get push notifications?
  • Another alert happened now: I double checked - the app was open in the background, I forgot to activate the push notification manually and no notification.

Thank you for everything you do at Distill. It’s so very much appreciated. This app has made a positive impact upon my ability to earn income. I’m very grateful. Thank you.

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Thanks for sharing the feedback, Julia. The Android app is currently in public beta testing and your feedback is very helpful in helping us improve it.

Snipping feature is currently not available in the phone apps. We will take this as a feature request and include it in the next update.

This looks like a bug. We save this preference in the iOS app but looks like we don’t in the Android app. We will fix this in the next update.

The primary purpose of the Android app is use it for:

  1. Getting push notifications on the phone.
  2. Viewing updates in the Watchlist.
  3. It can also be used to manage the Watchlist for simpler tasks. For example, to switch monitors on or off.

Regarding push notifications, it should be received even when the app is not active. But Android lets one control this behavior to save battery for each app. What phone are you using?

Edit: I am assuming that “Push notification” action has been enabled for the monitors.