Amazon Pharmacy and Cloud Checks

Hi, Im trying to use distill cloud checks to alert me when a medication is available on amazon pharmacy. The medication I’m trying for is in my dashboard so I need to use a profile to save my login info for the cloud checks to get through the password gate. Every few hours though, my monitors error out with SELECTION_EMPTY and sometimes when I go through my cloud profile to make sure Im logged in, it still shows me as logged in.

Is there a better way I should be using cloud profiles, proxies, etc to go about checking on this? Or am I not monitoring the parts of the page correctly? I added an image of the page, I have a general check on the add to cart button and two more on each of the text elements “Unable to add…” and “We’re working on resolving…”. When the item is available, those last two elements should be completely gone so maybe thats whats triggering the SELECTION_EMPTY?

Anyways, any pro tips on how to correctly monitor this item’s availability and what I could be doing better with my cloud profiles would be super appreciated. Thanks!

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Hello @jennavee - can you click the “view details” link the log? It should show more details about the error. It also shows the page’s snapshot when the error occurred. It should show that the page when the error was logged.

If the SELECTION_EMPTY error happened because the selected elements are completely gone, then a simple solution is to add one more element to the selection. It could an element like the page’s title that usually do not change. In that case, the monitor will always find an element in the page and will trigger a change instead of erroring out.

Here is a related post that tries to solve a similar use cases:

Do check them out and let me know if you need help.

Thanks for using Distill!