Alert of a specific webpage not captured

I am monitoring this website ( for any alert on a daily basis. Recently there was a new banner (at the top) was added to this website, but the alert was not captured by Distil IO. Kindly guide me what could be the best practice to resolve this issue

Hi @srikanthnambiar, there are two factors at play:

1 When monitoring a full page, all changes ot the page are monitored. But when monitored a more specific part of the page, only the selected parts are monitored.
2. The check interval - if a change in the page is transient, the change is captured only when the change was present in the page when it was checked for changes.

I see that there is a EPKINLY™ is now available. Learn how to order. banner at the top of the page. Is this what you were referring to? In that case, can you please check point #1 to see what it being monitored in the page?

Also do check the change history of the monitor to see what it looks like.

I am monitoring the full page and even when I refreshed the page for changes, this change was not reflected. There’s no history for this page. I wonder why is this happening?

I could monitor the full page. It captured the banner at the top as shown in the following screenshot:

What do you see when monitoring full page? Please note that I used the “Text” mode in the change history’s screenshot.