A change in a sum of several numeric values

I’m looking for a tool that could track changes in the sum of several numeric values. For instance, let’s say there are 2 apparel items that sell separately on a website, but in fact they are often purchased together. Therefore, I am not interested in the price change of one of those items only, rather I’m interested when the sum of both items fall below a certain price point. Is it somehow possible to achieve this functionality with Distill?
This function could have plenty of usecases, I believe. I see dozens of ways how this function could be utilized.
If it is not possible in any way- direct or using workarounds, is this feature included in the roadmap?

To take it a step further: Is there a way to track a price sum for several items in a pool of a bunch of items?
Example: ferry round trip ticket in a given date range, let’s say, in June. I would be interested to track when a round trip ticket price falls below a certain price point, regardless of the dates in that range. So, it could be a round trip from June1-June2 or June1-June30 round trip. But it has to track a sum of both ways trip, not a sum of two trips from A to B. I hope it makes sense. Sure, even more advanced conditioning here could help a lot, e.g, setting a min & max values of the trip length for tracking. So a price sum of a trip in June that is between 4-8 days in duration. This would be very advanced, of course, but even more basic conditioning as descibed before could be very useful on its own.
There are plenty of other usecases with some modifications to the conditioning criteria where this kind of conditions feature could be used. Is any of this somehow possible?

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This seems too complicated, is it feasible to introduce AI?

multiple monitor conditions are not possible. we are building a more general workflow that can go through multiple pages to collect and monitor the data. that can potentially be useful in this case. it should be available for end users later this year.

When it comes out in beta? Is there a way to stay updated on the launch of this?

keep an eye on the changelog at Changelog | Distill