502 Bad Gateway - nginx/1.12.2

Seem to be getting a lot of these over the past couple of weeks across a wide variety of websites, usually all at one so I’m thinking it’s on the Distill side.

Any help appreciated.

Hey @toddlevy, can you share some of the URLs that got these errors? 502 errors are typically returned when one of the reverse proxies (like nginx in this case) fail to connect to an upstream server to serve a page.

In case there is no way to avoid these errors from the server, the solution is to flag these cases as errors. Distill will not record them as a valid change. It can be done by selecting a more specific part of the page using the visual selector instead of monitoring the full page.

Let me know what you think.

Here are a few from last night…
[https://paulkreizenbeck.bigcartel.com/](Link 1)
[Products | HelioBray](Link 2)

A couple of weeks ago every site was doing it for about a full day. Now it seems more limited but figured it couldn’t hurt to mention.

Thanks, I am monitoring them now too. In the meantime, can you try monitoring the list in that page instead of the full page?