5 second interval monitor alerts 2 minutes after the update

I have it monitoring a news source website every 5 seconds that has timestamps on when a new article is published and every time an update comes in from Distill, it is precisely 2 minutes after the timestamp on the news website. How do I fix this? How can I have it more accurately update me at the 5 second interval that I want it to?

Hello @edua96, there are two things to checks:

  1. Are checks happening as per schedule? Please check the log. Note that the effective check interval can be 5-10s depending on how long it take to load the page and its content.

  2. Does the website publish its content after a delay. Sometimes website deployment takes time. As a result, there can be a discrepancy between the written published timestand and the actual timestamp. This can be verified by running checks using a separate device just for the verification.

Let me know what you find out. Thanks!