What do I do if I encounter blocking or captchas?

There are two potential solutions in this case: 1. using a local monitor or 2. using a premium or a custom proxy. Can you try using the browser extension or the desktop app to see if that works for you?

I am trying to login to the website but it just keep spinning at Cloudflare check(does not give any captcha) and do nothing and stay there forever. Can you help on this?


Hello @dipitak1, we currently don’t have any solution for captchas. One of the approaches we have planned is to add support for creating macros using local browsers. That will help solve this issue when recording a macro.

Destill is not working on my website. Unabale to cross the Human Verifications. Please reach us to get it rectified

@mmv2021 have you tried using the browser extension to monitor the page?

I am monitoring a website to find two tickets for a concert. Specifically, I am looking at the ticket resale on Eventim, which in Italy is www.fansale.it. If I try to monitor the release of new tickets using a selection area that works with JavaScript, after a certain number of checks (page refreshes), I get blocked and classified as an automatic bot. The problem is that the concert is in high demand, and if I use a monitoring interval of less than 5 seconds, I can never purchase the tickets because I get beaten by bots that unfortunately take the tickets in my place. Is there a way to avoid this block?

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wish captcha is resolved by distill. They have a team but they do only basic tasks.

Captcha should be on to do list for you guys

It’s not about captcha n

This thread covers checks being blocked too. Please see What do I do if I encounter blocking or captchas? - #2 by surya for general recommendation. I will only add that to increase the check interval in case faster one causes you to be blocked using local monitors. It is better to be polite than trying to out compete scalpers. There is no other solution I can think of.

There are no solution for my problem in this thread

There are three general solutions:

  1. Using specialized proxies in cloud.
  2. Using local monitors in case cloud doesn’t work.
  3. Using higher check interval if lower check interval for local monitors cause blocks.

The behavior or sites vary and what works for one may not work for others. So, one has to try multiple things out and use the one that works. There can be cases where nothing works too.

Other ideas? Higher check interval is not an option. I Suppose that the block works with useragent, not by IP

From what I can understand, higher check frequency is the source of the problem. This is evident from the fact that monitors work initially but start to fail after some time has passed. I don’t know of a way to avoid getting blocked in cases like this.

Have you considered reaching out to the service provider to get help buy tickets for personal use?