Website does not open in Macro recorder

I can’t open the following website in the Distill macro recorder

The website needs a “residential US” proxy, for it to be loaded properly.

[Note: You can ignore this paragraph if you don’t want to know the cause of the issue]
The link you have shared redirects to a page which can be opened only in USA. We use proxies to load pages in the server. The default proxy server has IP addresses from all over the globe, so any IP address outside of USA when used will cause the page not to load. On switching to “Residential US” proxy, we use IP addresses only within USA, which will result in a proper page load.

To resolve the issue, please follow the following steps:

  1. In the recorder’s top right corner you can see the dropdown for choosing proxies.

  2. Click on the Residential - US option.

  3. Click on Reload

  4. Wait for a couple of seconds for the page to reload.

Now you should be able to see the loaded page.

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