Unable to export the file to CSV

Hi Team,

I am unable to export the file in CSV format and receiving an error message i.e. (Error while exporting, Please try again later). So can you please help me in getting the file exported.

Hi, I am from Distill’s team. I would require more information to understand the cause of this issue:

  1. The platform you are using Distill from (Web/Extension/Desktop)
  2. Screenshot from the console, Go to dev tools (Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + i) Click on the console tab. Try to export the monitors, you should get an error message in the console, please share it’s screenshot


The platform iam using distill is from the extension. Please find below the screenshot of an error message we are getting while exporting the monitors.

Thanks for the info, I require one more screenshot from you. Please follow these steps then take the screenshot:-

  1. Open the extension watchlist page

  2. Right Click inside the window, it should open the popup menu, click on inspect.

    This will open a sidebar to the right

  3. Click on the “Console” tab which is on the sidebar header

Now try exporting monitors in CSV and when the error occurs there should be messages in the “Console” tab related to the error. Send me a screenshot of the error message.

Hi shaun_thayil

Thanks for the help. Now the file has been successfully exported.

@Cialfo_unidata Pleased to know you were able to export the monitors. Still curious to know what happend here, so you opened the watchlist from distill’s extension popup, from where the csv export was successfull? or did you perform any other steps.

Hi @shaun_thayil

Yes, I accessed the watchlist via the extension popup, and then I tried to export the CSV, which worked.

@Cialfo_unidata Thanks for letting me know


I am unable to export a file in CSV format. When I try to, I get a message saying, “error while exporting. Please try again later”. I am using the platform via Web browser. Here is a screenshot:

@smudau Can you check the Console for any errors as shown in the comment Unable to export the file to CSV - #4 by shaun_thayil?

Thanks Ajit, the error I get is as follows:

Thanks for the screenshot, Sipho. I am looking into and will get back to you soon with an update.

Hi @smudau, you should be able to export the selected sieves now.

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