Type words in other languages in a macro

Hi, I want to write a macro for the following site


I cannot insert prewritten text (see below, in the screenshot inserted into the yellow marked search field )

трансферно ценообразуване.

If I click in the Distill macro function on that yellow field and then insert the text in the right “type” field of the macro, it doesn’t work, i.e. it doesn’t appear in the search field but it also does not turn the greyed out letters on the search bottom (in the screenshot marked with blue borders) black, most likely because it doesn’t appear in the search field.

Please let me know what else you need.

Thanks for your help,

Does the “non-appearance of text” happen when you record the steps for the first time or does it happen during replay of the steps ?

And, was the text pasted into the input box rather than typed ?

The text doesn’t appear already at the first time because I’m unable to post it in the search box.

Yes, it was pasted. I need to paste quite a number of texts (also in the future) to use Distill because I have to monitor many foreign websites, which either require letters that are not on my English keyboard or have a completely different script, for example Greek, this cyrillic website or Asian characters.

So to be to paste appears to be important, I’m not sure, really how to get around that.

Right now the recorder doesn’t recognise pasting-text as an action, thus the action doesn’t get recorded. Recorder also doesn’t recognise non-English characters.


  1. Type an English phrase in the search box, so that the Type action gets recorded.
  2. Proceed further by performing other actions that you want to record.
  3. Once you have recorded all steps, go back to the Type step with the placeholder English phrase. Edit the step and replace the English phrase with the non-English phrase by pasting. Save the step.
  4. Save the macro.
  5. Now, you can replay the macro and it should enter the non-English phrase during Type step.

Thank you, your solution certainly works for a number of sites.

For the site, I started this conversation with,


even if I put in non-prewritten text into the search field, the search button does not get grey.

Further, for the following site,


the macro times out.

Here is a sample macro I have setup for the first site.

{"macros":[{"meta":{"url":"https://info-adc.justice.bg/courts/portal/edis.nsf/e_cases.xsp?inst=administrative"},"name":"info adc justice","spec":{},"steps":[["wait_doc",{"frame":0}],["click",["selector",{"meta":{},"type":"css","value":"[type='text'][id$='Text']"}],{"x":62.921875,"y":14.4140625},{"frame":0}],["type",["selector",{"meta":{},"type":"css","value":"[type='text'][id$='Text']"}],"трансферно ценообразуване",{"frame":0}],["click",["selector",{"meta":{},"type":"css","value":"[id$='buttonSearch']"}],{"x":16.15625,"y":8.4140625},{"frame":0}],["wait_doc",{"frame":0}]],"version":2}]}

It searches for рансферно ценообразуване and clicks on the search button. Can you import and try it out?

I can do a lot of things but certainly don’t know how to import a macro. I don’t see that under Macros. I see an import button, which after hitting asks me to post it there but I don’t see that your macro that you created for me (thx) has any of these endings JSON or CSV.

You can go to the macros page. By clicking on the macros in the hamburger menu.

In the macros page, you can click on the

Then, you can upload the file you want.

You created the “file” for me two messages or so ago. It doesn’t appear to be in a downloadable format in this chat.

Hi @alextaxanalysts

Can you try this one?

macro.json (617 Bytes)

A few things to note:

  1. Distill uses JSON format extensively to import and export data.
  2. The code shared by @cobramonk in Type words in other languages in a macro - #7 by cobramonk is in JSON format too.

Here are the steps to save the JSON into a file:

  1. Copy the macro exported as JSON.
  2. Open Notepad (for Windows)
  3. Paste the code.
  4. Save the file as a JSON file as shown in the following screenshot:

Once the file has been saved, you can import it as a Macro in your Watchlist. I have also attached the file that you download directly.

macro-cobarmonk-01.json (616 Bytes)