Troubleshoot email sending action

I am using the firefox Distill add-in. I created a monitor on a page and when the page changes I can see the monitor going to error.
I configured an alert by email but I did not receive any.
I am guessing the error is in relation to the email issue.
How do I know the reason of the monitor error?
Also, when the page is changed back to its initial state, the monitor is back to normal and no longer in error.
thanks for your help in this.

@grille12 check out the following article: How to view logs of checks? – Distill.

the monitor most likely did not find the element it was looking for when the page changed because the original element wasn’t present any more. checkout the following for some tips on troubleshooting “SELECTION_EMPTY” errors: the most common strategy is to add one more element like the title to the list of monitored elements. if you need any help configuring the monitor, feel free to share the monitor’s. cheers!