The notification comes even when the title of an existing post is modified

I want to be notified only of new posts that come to the top of the site above, but if I select the title part of the post with the visual selector, I get notified even if the title is edited.

I want to be notified only when a new post is posted, ignoring that the title of an existing post has been edited.

Please provide a manual or detailed explanation.

Hi @jk74, are you trying to monitor highlighted element in the following screenshot?

If not, can you please share a screenshot of the page to show what you need to monitor for changes?

yes that’s how i’m using it.
However, there are cases where the title part in the middle or the time part in the right part is sometimes modified, but even in that case, unnecessary notifications come.

I want to be notified only when new posts are uploaded.

One option could be to monitor the anchor tag’s href. That way, you will only get notified when link to the post changes. It won’t notify when the title changes. Following screenshot shows how to configure it using visual selector:

  1. The first step is to make sure that the anchor tag with tag name a is selected.
  2. Use the option to the right of selector expression to choose what to monitor for changes. By default it is set to text.
  3. Select href and unselect text.

Try it out and see if it works better for your use case. Feel free to reach out in case you need any help.

There is such a way. I need to set it up right away. thank you so much.


I set it up as you told me, but when I receive a notification on my phone, the link address in English is displayed.

When receiving a notification, is it possible to display the number X50 on the front and the title of the article, as in the previous notification?

It’s just that the notification comes from the link address, so it’s difficult to immediately recognize what kind of notification this is.

I would like to ask if only the text displayed on the phone when receiving a notification is possible as before.

The push notifications contain the monitored text content. It is not possible to change it to anything else.

all right. Thank you for your reply.