Should be a simple monitor, can't get it to work (Teamviewer website)

I want a monitor to detect changes to a list of online computers from the Teamviewer management console (a website). It shows a list of computers assigned to my account. A new computer’s line changes appearance when it is powered-up. It goes from grey to black and a Connect button appears next to it.

For the monitor, I select the element that contains only the list (the box with the whole list). Distill generates an Xpath query. It does not detect changes. The query output always shows only giant versions of icons that appear next to the computer names when hovered-over. Those icons are normally invisible when not hovered.

Any ideas? I would include images here but it looks like the forum doesn’t support that.

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Hello @ibaroj, can you save the webpage’s source and share that? I will take a look and let you know that I find out. Cheers!

Edit: You can save the the source on an external site like pastebin and share the list here.