Profile for monitor webpage with credentials

I need to monitor changes on a website to follow the progress of an application and the website requires filling in two fields which are the number of the application and the Employer Identification Number. I created a profile where I accessed the site, entered the data of the two fields. However, when adding the monitor and linking to the profile, distill does not insert the page fields that I informed when creating the profile. The page remains at the login page. Can you help me?

Page: Consulta Processo

Field 1: Número do Processo: 250001088/2023
Field 2: CNPJ: 28.521.748/0001-59

Hello @anaosorio, a macro should be useful in this case. You can record the steps that need to be automated before every check. Checkout the following article to learn more about how to use macro recorder to record and replay the steps:

Let me know if you need any help using the macro.

Ajit, thank you for the reply. I created a macro as instructed. When clicking on the play button, the actions occur correctly. However, when the monitor is checked, the error SELECTION_EMPTY appears.

I see. What does the snapshot in error details[1] show?

[1] How to view logs of checks? – Distill

Selection did not match any content

The snapshot the page’s state when the error occurred. Make sure to click the “view details” link next to the error code in the log. Can share a screenshot of the snapshot?

Can anyone help me? Still have not figure out the solution

Hello @anaosorio, the page has an iframes that made it slightly tricky to run the macro. In this case, it is easier to automate the steps by opening that iframe as a page. The iframe’s URL is:

Can you try creating a macro for this URL and see if that works better?

Note that sometimes, the page can show a captcha.

In this case, it could work better if you could run monitor locally using the browser extension.

Let me know how it works. Hope this helps!