Paid Tutorial / Paid Live Intro

Anyone out there who is familiar with Distill and programming and answer live questions in a Zoom tutorial call?


Hello @taxanalysts, welcome to the community forum! What are you primary use case for monitoring web? Someone in Distill’s team can help depending on what it is. Tagging @surya

Primary use will be to follow the publication on judgment on government websites. I need to set up trackers (individual feeds) and macros (a lot of government websites that I want to track are not suitable for feeds, I hope macros will do the trick) and I need help with that. I’m interested in a handholding one to two hour intro to set up the most difficult ones.

Hello Alex,

Nice to connect with you.

I’d love to schedule a call with you to discuss about your use-case & also help understand the complex scenarios to come up with the right solution to address the challenges at hand.

Furthermore, we are actively working on building new features geared towards legislative tracking. I’d be keen to understand your use-case to ensure we can enhance our offering to support the need.

Once we are able to identify the correct solution, we’ll be happy to handhold you to ensure your goals are achieved.

Best Regards,

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