Notify me of changes on a website

Hi all,

There is a wholesale website I use to purchase goods from abroad. I was hoping to use Distill to notify me when there are new items listed on the site because of the extreme difference in time leading to me missing out on popular products.
So just to be clear, I don’t want to have updates about an current product listed, but rather, when the front face of the website updates as, say, five new products are listed.
The website has a few horizontal wheel like carousels that shows the newest products first. You have to scroll to the right to see older products. I can’t select the horizontal wheel with the Distill tool, I can only select the currently listed products themselves.
How can I go ahead and get Distill to notify me of new products that get listed? Is this possible?
Thank you!

Hi @emjaysway123, it depends on how the website presents the data. Distill is very good at monitoring changes to content in a page for changes. This means any change. The visual selector lets you finetune the monitored part of the page so that only changes to specific parts of page notify you.

In your case, are the newest product listed from left to right? If yes, you can monitor the leftmost item for changes. If that item changes, it will trigger an alert indicating new product listings.

Does that make sense?

Hi Ajitk,

Yes so you are correct, when a new product appears it appears on the left most section of this horizontal wheel.

But the bizarre thing is I can’t seem to select the wheel itself as an item to monitor on the page. I have to select the individual product listings in this wheel. This will not result in me seeing the new products added to the left of the wheel will it?

Thank you