No alert sound on my smartphone with CHROME or MOZILLA

Hello, I am French but sorry because I do not speak English very well.
I logged into my account with 2 internet browsers on my Android smartphone with CHROME or MOZILLA but I never get any sound in the event of an alert. But yet it works well when I’m on my PC under Windows 11 with these 2 internet browsers.
Did you have the same problem and what to do? Thank you.

Bonjour, je suis Français mais désolé car je ne parle pas très bien anglais.
Je me suis connecté sur mon compte avec 2 navigateurs internet sur mon smartphone sous Android avec CHROME ou MOZILLA mais je n’ai jamais de son en cas d’alerte. Mais pourtant ça fonctionne bien quand je suis sur mon PC sous Windows 11 avec ces 2 navigateurs internet.
Avez-vous eu le même problème et comment faire? Merci.

Hello @tom38,

Push notification cannot be received using the browser on any smartphone.
A smartphone’s browser can’t run distill as an extension. This is why you were not getting notifications on the smartphone.
We do have an android app for paid customers using which they can get push notifications.
Distill sends push notifications using the browser’s extension and cloud.


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Hello @amar1995,
I’m also one of the people who try your android beta version but it doesn’t work also in this app the sound notifications. Thank you for answering me quickly and too bad that we can not check and try all the functions of your software on a smartphone before being able to buy.

Bonjour @amar1995,
Je fais aussi partie des personnes qui essaye votre version bêta d’Android mais ça ne marche pas aussi dans cette application les notifications sonores. Merci de m’avoir répondu rapidement et dommage que l’on ne puisse pas vérifier et essayer toutes les fonctions de vos logiciels sur un smartphone avant de pouvoir acheter.

Thanks for testing out the Android app in beta @tom38. We offer free trial of the Starter plan only on Apple’s App Store. If you have an iOS device, you try it out. We may bring free trial to other platforms later but there is no concrete plan yet. Cheers!

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