Monitoring Walmart OOS - handling SELECTION_EMPTY error

I am having lots of trouble trying to set this up for walmart. i used the selector to chose the out of stock button as the thing to be monitored so when it changes i would be notified. I dont think its working, i did have two times it logged with selection empty but im not sure if it went in stock when that happened because i didnt get a notification from it. plz help i only got this software to monitor one product

@slavicserpent Two quick questions to help understand the problem:

  1. What device are you using to monitor the product? In general, using a local device like extension of desktop app to run the monitor locally works better in case the access is being restricted.

  2. Does the page’s snapshot in error detail show the product page or an error page? Note that you need to click “view details” link next to the error code to view the snapshot.

i am using local. it shows the product page and not the error page. I have been playing around with it, and when i am monitoring the oos button and the shop similar button (that appear when an item goes oos and disappear when it comes back in stock) and it says selection empty on the log, that means the item did indeed come back in stock. I confirmed this with a successful order i was able to place today. However, i was never notified it came back in stock, it was just a manual check. This is annoying because according to the log, i was 5 mins late which means i couldve cooked more than i did. How do i get distill to ping me when selection goes empty thats all i need at this point.

This should be easy to handle. Checkout Long pauses when jobs are no longer available due to SELECTION_EMPTY error - #7 by ajitk

To summarize, there solution is make an additional selection in the product page. For example, the most common technique it to include the product’s title in selections. Can you try that out?

tried it out and it is pinging me every time it logs even though the item is out of stock

One of the reasons for a flip-flopping change is a dynamic page not rendered completely. Can you try increasing the delay to a higher value?

where can you increase delay

hi @slavicserpent

Please refer to our documentation: Config and Advanced Options – Distill
Hope that helps!