Macro Does Not Show Results

I have issues with a Chilean website. The macros do not show an error but the results do not show after having run the macro.
Chile Appeals Court 2-7f7cc3dc-3002-11ee-915b-a7a5e63c0c21 (3).json (866 Bytes)
chile Supreme Court-80fc9b50-2ffe-11ee-914b-e764b8cc48a3 (1).json (615 Bytes)

The replay seems to load the result:

Are you not able to view result? Note that the site was very slow and had to wait a lot for the result to appear.

It timed out for me. I tried to fix it and then this appeared.

Ajit, did you see my post?

When I tried again, sometimes it didn’t fully display results without erroring out. From what I can see, the website behaves in an erratic way when using the remote browser. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

One way to monitor this website is to configure and save the monitor when it works using the remote browser. Once saved, Distill will keep on retrying until it succeeds.

  1. The remote browser is Distill? 2) You’re saying the macro is fine I need to keep on trying it on the monitor until I see a result, is that what you mean?
  1. Distill has a remote browser (among other things). Users interact with the remote browser when using the Visual Selector or Macro Recorder. The main source of problem here is that it takes too long to load the content in remote browser.

  2. Yes, the macro looks good. It will be better with a wait_for_duration step after the first wait_doc as shown below:

Lastly, when selecting content from the page, you need to select the result. This can be done by using the following CSS selector: #capa_resultados_busqueda_sentencias


I thing sth is still not working with the macro. I recorded my screen using the macro and without it. Even though the macro page at the end says there are 22 results, I don’t see them on the screen. They appear on the screen though w/o using the macro, meaning if I do it manually. It looks like, though, that I cannot attach any .mov docs.

Hello, can someone respond?

Recapping observations so far:

  1. Added a wait_for_duration to the macro
  2. Selected a very specific element in the page as shown in Macro Does Not Show Results - #7 by ajitk
  3. The page loads very slowly. As a result it is likely to error out a lot.
  4. Check log from test runs:
  5. Recorded version in change history:

Let me know if you have any questions about 1 and 2.

Unfortunately there is no solution slow page speed. You need to let the monitor fail and retry. Most of the checks may error our but some should succeed.

This is the error message I receive

Can you click on the “View Details” and send a screenshot of that page ?

Please find attched the screenshot. Thanks

Can you try the following macro:

Chile Appeals Court 2-39e561c2-7eb7-11ee-8c38-7f9b07697e4b.json (1.1 KB)

It is slightly modified. I tried it both in chrome extension and in web app and is working in both.

If it doesn’t work, let’s try something else.