Keep user logged in?

Hi! I have 34 monitors that can only be checked properly if logged in to the site. On cloud, I can set it up with profiles but is there a way to do that when you’re using the desktop app or the browser extension? I’ve been looking into macros but it always says MACRO ERROR


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Hello @areviztim - can you please share the error details when replaying the macro? Is it possible that the error is encountered because the macro encounters an error because there is a step to login and that step fails because you are already logged in?

Here’s the error.

Is it possible to schedule a macro to only run every 12 hours? That’s usually when the login expires.

The error states that element [for='form-email'] was not found. I am assuming that this is an element in
the form used to log into the site.

It is possible by run a macro as an action when the website logs you out:

This can be done by creating a monitor that runs every 12 hours (or 1 hour if needed) to check if you have been logged out. It can potentially be done by monitoring page’s title or presence of the login form in the opened page.

Does that make sense?

Yep! Definitely does.

Just one last thing. I’m trying to add a Macro to the monitor but it doesn’t show the available macros.
See image below:

This sounds similar to I can't select a webpage and then a macro?. Can you check the macro’s URL and the monitor’s URL to see if they are from the same domain/subdomain?