Ignoring repeated notifications for same content

Hi, I tried to configure a search with a specific text and I must say that it works. The thing is, I get the same notification multiple times. What could it have depended on? From the website refresh? How can I avoid receiving the same notification relating to that text already displayed several times?

Hello @tappo - Distill triggers a notification after detecting changes. The changes can be viewed in the change history. Checkout Change history and highlighted changes – Distill if haven’t already.

Can you share what kind of changes are triggering the repeated notifications?

Hi , Thanks for the help. For the moment I can say that I had entered the word “programmer” in the search on a job search site. After notifying me of an ad with the word “programmer” every 5 minutes it notifies me of the same ad. This doesn’t happen on other sites. I looked at the red and green differences, in reality there are none, and it continues to notify

How can I send you a picture ?