How to monitor TicketMaster?

Having a lot of issues here, I only purchased distill so I can get alerts on the android app. I’m trying to monitor concert tickets that are sold out but pop up randomly. I have had the selector on where it says tickets are currently sold out, expecting it to notify me when that element disappears. After checking my logs I’ve noticed it never notified me and just showed selection: empty, causing me to miss out.

Can’t figure out any additional elements to add, the title stays the same.

I also want it to specifically ignore every few times the page shows the you are a bot message since another refresh takes care of that and goes right back to the tickets sold out page.

How do I get this distill just to alert me when the queue or directly buy tickets page shows up. I was able to do this with another free chrome extension but I paid for distill so I dont have to be in front of the desktop all day and can use the android app. Thanks!

Hello I just paid for a sub and have the android app. Doesn’t appear to do anything, even after I turn the checks on. On my desktop chrome browser the checks work fine but when I am not at the desktop and out, how come the android app doesn’t even do anything?

Also in the app, instead of trying to use the checks I had saved from my browser, I tried to just monitor a new URL from the selection screen - it won’t let me change from Distill Cloud servers to a local only check which I need to do every 5 seconds minimum, instead it keeps saying to upgrade my plan. I don’t need to use the cloud server, I just want to keep checking it every 5 seconds on my phone - not sure if this is a bug.

Hi Dave, thanks for reaching out. Thanks for participating in Android app’s beta test.

Following are two important points from Web Monitoring Apps | Distill :

  • Paid customers can use Distill’s smartphone apps to view updates and get push notifications on their phone.
  • Smartphone apps don’t run monitors on your phone.

To sum up, the primary purpose of the phone app is to get push notifications and view updates in the Watchlist.

When choosing to run monitors, there three options:

  1. Browser extensions - highly recommended in most cases.
  2. Desktop App - some pages don’t load in background tabs. This is usually an optimization. Desktop app loads pages in an invisible window that can load such pages well.
  3. Cloud - when the need is to run monitors 24x7 without keeping PC on, cloud monitors are the way to go. Note that for some sites, using a premium proxy can be a necessity.

Adding the title element should be fine. If it doesn’t change, that should be great. Does that make sense? Let me know if you need any help on this. Following article has some note about this:

I downloaded the app to try and get tickets through Ticketmaster. I keep getting a notification saying Pardon our interruption but it appears you are a bot…,did I set this up wrong?

Hi @curetickets, welcome to the community forum!

Like the Android app, the main purpose of the iOS app is to get push notifications from local and cloud monitors, and view updates in the Watchlist.

From what I have seen so far, local monitors are the way to go. Checkout Local Monitor vs. Cloud Monitor – Distill to know the basics about local and cloud monitors. Do try it out and feel free to reach out if you need any help.