How to get notified of front end changes - not back end changes

I only want to be notified when the visual text of the page changes. Right now, I’m getting alerts every time someone changes something to the source text, although the website page visual hasn’t changed at all. I only need to see the website page and be alerted if there are any changes on the frontend, not the backend. I have activated deleted and snipped so that I only see the changes and what was removed but e.g. might get a number of audio alerts right after each other yet the same visual. Linked to another database which changes status of the various line items for IT to see. I only see the website page. Only need to see new, changed and deleted line items on front end. Updating post to say I am receiving irrelevant alerts with zero change to front end - nothing added and nothing deleted.

Welcome to the community forum, @julia.r. Can you try viewing diff in “Text mode”[1] to see what triggers the change alerts? Most common reason for flip flopping alerts is if the page is dynamic and it takes some time to render the content completely.

Two common solutions for such cases are:

  1. If you are monitoring full page, monitoring a more specific part of the page ignore changes in unwanted parts of the page.
  2. Increasing delay in config[2]. That way, Distill will wait for a longer period for the page to load. This fixes issues where alerts are triggered due to partially rendered pages.

Can you try either of these two? Feel free to reply in case something is not clear or need any help.


[1] Change history and highlighted changes – Distill
[2] Config and Advanced Options – Distill

Thank you for your advice. I think delaying config will work. Can you please give step for step instructions how to do that. I clicked on the link you provided and I don’t understand the config box - is that where I am supposed to delay config time? many thanks and God bless you dearly!!

Sure! Following screenshot shows how to open the config and window and change value of delay to 10:

Let me know if you need help at any step.

Hi, thank you for your advice. I increased the config delay time and I’m still getting ‘false’ flags. How can I only be alerted to visual/text changes on the actual website page and not on the backend? Many thanks. PS I have to monitor the whole page which is sorted by date and new line items can appear under any date.

Can you share the URL? I will check it out and suggest a solution accordingly. Thanks!

Thank you for the offer! Can I share it privately as it’s work page with user access only. Are you part of the distill team?

Yes, I am from the Distill team. Sending you a DM.