How to detect changes of a major version on github

I want to detect only major releases of a repository on github.
To do that, I want to check for a text on a web-page.
For example:

I need a notification only when it changes to:

I want to avoid excessive notifications about minor version changes:

How can I define the condition for that?
Looks like a simple task (maybe regexp helps?) but I’m not sure that v\d+ helps for “Added text”?
I’m not sure if the symbol “v” is not changed and the overal conditions gives false…

It is possible using regex filter. Following screenshot shows how to monitor releases of Releases · sveltejs/svelte · GitHub

There are two steps involved:

  1. Select the latest releases name or version.
  2. Use regex filter in the bottom right corner (under text preview).

In the example, Svelte tags the releases using following format: svelte@major.minor.patch. The regex filter used is: svelte@\d*. This will only alert when there is a major version change.

In your case, you use v\d* as the regex text filter. Cheers!

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Thank you so much!
Maybe you can suggest good overall source to learn selectors (and some specific when using it in your application).
I feel lack of knowledge there.

Sure! I found recommendations in the following article to be a good general guiding principle:

If you have any questions or use case that you would like to discuss, feel free to ask. :slight_smile:

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