Feature: Cookie support

In some cases, the site content is only available for authenticated users.
While the browser keeps the cookies and solves the authentication part for the local monitors.

  • I’ve been struggling with passing these cookies to the backend in order to execute some additional business logic.

Sometimes business logic can require additional requests for content that is only accessible with cookies.

While distill solves the text diff checking logic, it’s still lacking some features, such as passing site cookies down the pipeline.

The desired result would be to:

  • Be able to send the site cookies along with webhook request
  • Pros for browser extensions are that it’s able to access these cookies and should be able to pass them as well.

Thanks for the feature request @tsopic. The browser extensions don’t request permission to access a site’s cookies though. Adding a new permission is not feasible right now.

I am assuming that you need cookies to make request to the website for which you need the cookies. What if you were able to make the request using the browser having the cookies using Distill?

I think making requests to the browser creates another problem.

Since prerequisite is to have the cookies in place, which come by doing login flow. Or from session storage.

  • With the new browser, it does not have password managers, etc available for quick login flow for the user. And already existing cookies in Web browsers are not accessible to the new browser.

The same browser that was used to perform the check has to be used for these actions (we call them macro actions). Does that make sense?

Yep, but there are limitations where for example 2fa is required, some password managers are able to help with this flow. Therefore so far I’ve used human power to perform these “macros”. Since some sites keep sessions for days, others need macro done daily.

I feel like having another browser running is extra layer of complexity since it’s not as easily extendable, like already existing browsers with plugins hub.

So far, I have considered only one browser in this thread. I am not sure what “another browser” is referring to here.