Error - automatic reading of notifications

Please advise me on the following problem:
If I make a change to a website, the change goes through fine, but the individual new items with the change are only highlighted for a few seconds. After a while, they appear to be read. I then have to detect the change by the “Time changed on” column.
This is how Distill behaves in all my browsers (Edge, Chrome, Opera, Firefox).
For example, I don’t have any other addons in Firefox, and yet Distill behaves the same way.
Reinstalling the addon did not solve the problem, and it appears in the cloud list as well.
Does anyone know what to do about this?
YouTube - illustrative demonstration

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Hello @Kamdar, welcome to the community forum!

If looks like there are conditions set that are not being met. If conditions are not met, monitors are marked as read after a change is detected. Can you please check if conditions are set:

  1. Go the monitor’s Options page and check if there is any condition.
  2. Global conditions: click the hamburger icon in the Watchlist and then click “Global Conditions”.

Either of those two are likely to be set. You can remove them and see if they help.

Feel free to to reach out if you face any issues.


Hello @ajitk,
thank you very much for your help. :+1:
The problem was solved by removing all items in Global Conditions.
Now everything works as it should. :slightly_smiling_face:

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