Disabling email notifications


I’m using the Distill Chrome extension and I only want to be notified for any web site changes via this extension, NOT via email. Is this possible and how? I’ve tried this by signing out, but I still receive email messages.
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Hi @virtual_real

Firstly, welcome to Distill’s forums!
There are multiple options for notifications within Distill (e-mail being one of them). To change the notification configuration, please follow the below steps:

  1. Please go into the Edit Options.
  2. Navigate to Actions section
  3. Click on the Add action dropdown menu and feel free to select the appropriate option of your choice.


This section will also allow you to delete existing notification options (including e-mail).
Hope that helps!


Thank you for your help, Surya.

I was able to remove the email notifications, but I’m missing the logic in the settings menu. When I add a page to monitor, I only see:


So the email notifications get enabled automatically(?)

Hi @virtual_real

If the actions list does not have ‘email’, you will not get notified by email.
For instance, in the screenshot you have shared, you will get the popup and bell strike, thats all.
To get email notifications, you will have to go and add it from the “add action” list.