Checking availability for the US visa appointment - selection empty error

Hi everybody,

I plan to use Distill to check the earliest availability for the US visa appointment, but when I choose to track the date of appointment. The checklog said NA and selection empty. Please help me

@surya Any insights into how to track availability of US visa appointments?

@hai0210 - Thank you for reaching out to us regarding tracking of US visa appointments.

For you to be able to check US visa appointments, you’ll need to login to the website and subsequently track the available dates.

To perform multi-step actions & subsequently track elements on a page, you’ll need to use Macros in Distill.

Please find hereby attached a sample macro which can help track US Visa appointments.

I request you to follow the below steps:

  1. Import the macro into your Distill account.
  2. Once the macro is imported, click on Open Recorder
  3. Edit the steps shown in the below screenshot to save your credentials (corresponding to the US Visa website).
  4. Save the Macro & try running it.

Once the macro is set, setup a Distill monitor starting from the sign-in page, to run the macro & subsequently select the dates you want to monitor. For the Distill monitor, I’d recommend a frequency of ~3hrs.

Hope this helps. Please let us know, if you face any challenges.

us_visa_template.json (6.4 KB)