Bypass Cookie Banners

Is there any way bypassing a cookie banner that does not involve a macro? Macros are great, but apparently we are limited to ten and nearly every site we monitor uses cookie banners. While for many sites we can still manually define the areas to be monitored, increasingly sites only load fully after cookie confirmation. In addition, it would be nice to use the visual selector rather than fiddle with css selectors.

There are two potential solutions:

  1. Cookies can be saved for a website using profiles for cloud monitors,
  2. Local monitors can be used to save multiple websites’ cookie preferences. This is the easiest to setup because it doesn’t require one to create profiles or macros. Just by browsing the website and saving their preferences is enough.

Will these work?

Are you referring to the need to having a visual selector in the macro recorder?

Sorry, I may not have been clear here. I don’t mind the cookies (or don’t need to save them), rather the Banners asking you to accept them (see screenshot, German, but I couldn’t find an english example quick enough). As you can see in this case, the site itself is greyed out and sometimes even isn’t loaded completely. In either case I can’t use the visual selector to define the areas ob the webpage I want monitored. Using a macro I can “click” on accept and the banner will disappear but since nearly every website in Europe has these and I have limited macros available, I can’t go that route.

I think almost everyone in the world is now aware of the pesky cookie banners. :slight_smile:

Generally, the banner goes away on the next page load once the cookie is accepted.

Does the same happen here? If yes, then both of the suggested solutions should work. Profiles should work because once the cookies are accepted and saved in a profile, it shouldn’t show up. Extensions should also work really well for the same reason.

If I misunderstood the problem, feel free to correct me.


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Sorry for the late reply: You understood the problem better than I did. Kind of misunderstood profiles. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!

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How do I click away the cookie banner in a newsfeed setup? I saw there’s something in the forum but it’s not simply enough explained to me what to do.

@alextaxanalysts Checkout Bypass Cookie Banners - #2 by ajitk

When using local monitors, you don’t need to accept the cookie in your browser. Your browser then saves the website’s cookies. Once done, you can monitor the page just like any other page.

When using a cloud monitor, the cookie for a website can be saved in a profile.

When you add a webpage, click on profile and then “Manage Profiles”
Screenshot 2023-03-17 103050
Onece there add a new profile and click “open remote browser”. A browser window opens and usually accesses You can then enter your desired URL, it will open and the cookie banner will appear. You can then make the choice you want to (though it may be best to allow cookies so the setting gets saved) and click on “Save Cookies and Close” in the upper right corner. You can then exit th profiles section.

Now when you access the website in you can select the profile you created. When accessing the website it will provide access to the cookies previously created and thus the cookie banner won’t appear.

This may not last forever, as cookies expire. In that case you need to repeat the first steps and resave the cookie.

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